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Invite a friend to UGF-Bonus

Customers typically find their ways by browsing the web, checking out the forums or being referred to a source.
We'd like to honor the word-to-mouth! So for those customers who shop at UGF, recommended by a friend or relative, we'd like to offer you a discount!

On the first order, that the new customer makes, we'll give the new customer a 10% discount. Also we'll reward the freak who spread the word, a 10% discount as well for a current or future order.

The new customer has to refer to you when placing the order, by letting us know your email address. Only then, the discount is activated for you both. You have to be able to confirm us the email of the customer, who has just placed his first order. Then we will apply the new customer the discount, directly through our order ticket. You will get your confirmation on mail.

This can be done each time a new customer arrives through you. Customer just has to place an order and pay for it, before yours is shipped. This is to avoid the customers brought to as, being fakes.