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Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears
Raw Material : Human chorionic gonadotropin
Product Pack : 1 x sterile solution amp

In addition to using steroids is not a steroid used by athletes support a large number of medicines. Obtained from the urine of pregnant women , a natural human plesentasidir . The male hormone is not . Men's testicles to produce testosterone , but allows more .

Containing excessive testosterone steroids used by athletes to their medium stops production of the male body . Pregnyl the help of this production in the body, raising the levels of the male hormone , testis -tion runs. By acting too quickly , the level of testosterone in the body brings the balance of the original . So we do not stop the work of the testicles , and in order to avoid loss of virility , uses long-term and high doses of steroids are required.


Steroids are given over to the body from the outside , since the pituitary hormones that govern the body to balance the male hormone , signals the testes will stop the medium production . HCG ( Pregnyl ), then quickly increases the level of testosterone in the body . Both the outside and the effect of their hormone regimen increases the height of your level .

%400 times the level of HCG increases androgen in men . This is an enormous increase in the level. As a perspective, protecting the male organ , field increases the effect of steroids . However, at the level of estrogen rises naturally .

Usage: Professional athletes in 2 days by injecting 500 iu iu 5000 completes 20 days .


İnjections How To: Dry powder, melted in the liquid prior to injection into the bulb . For example, in November buttocks , leg or arm section of the medium 2 ml 5 ml injections can be made up or insulin needle just under the skin (eg the abdominal wall ) can be injected . Injection under the skin to be made , can be performed easily by you or your partner .



Side Effects: More Information , gynecomastia , excess water retention, increase and sex , emotional imbalance , headache, and leads to high blood pressure . Like all medicines , may cause side effects in people who are sensitive to its ingredients PREGNYL'in .

Mild bruising at the injection site , pain , redness, swelling and itching reactions have been reported , such as . Sometimes, almost all reported allergic reactions , injection site pain and skin rash is . In rare cases, generalized reactions such as skin rash and fever may occur.


Female Patients : excessive notices one pregnyl ovaries by FSH -containing drug use may exacerbate it . In this case, abdominal pain accompanied by nausea or diarrhea may occur. Such a development is rare , and the development of the egg cell , be carefully monitored during treatment , can minimize the risk . Therefore, if a severe abdominal pain , and it occurs a few days after the last injection , tell your doctor immediately . In rare cases, excessive stimulation of the ovaries with an unwanted blood clots that may occur.


Male Patients : the tissues and this situation may be fluid itself shows swelling ankles or feet , sometimes over- grow breasts . This is because of hCG treatment induced an excess androgen production.

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